Are you dealing with a lot of stress and do you feel like you can’t let go?

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to perform your job?

I can help you take the steps you need towards a future with plenty of energy to live and enjoy your life.

Bregje Kuis

Psychologist & Life Coach

Stress is never just a negative force. I can help you see the positive side.

When you are feeling exhausted, unable to handle pressure, or to make decisions. When you feel stuck, want to change, or improve. Or if you want to get to know yourself better and develop your talents and qualities.

We will find out what your obstacles are and work with those. You will get to know the patterns that are holding you back. And you will learn how to deal with yourself and life differently, so that you can enjoy who you are and experience lightness and happiness again.

Get back to life with plenty of energy & joy!

In my coaching I offer all of my knowledge and experience in support of your development. Expect to be challenged and supported. I am specialised in the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress and tension.

Contact me for an intake session. The intake is free of charge.

My style of coaching is described as understanding, motivational, non-judgemental and with a healthy dose of humor

From science…

I have a scientific background in neuropsychology so I am familiair with the effects of stress on the nervous system, and how performance and well-being are promoted.

… with Mindfulness

As a long time yoga practitioner and teacher I am trained in how to release stress, and how kindness and attention to feeling are important for promoting a relaxed state of mind.

Find me on LinkedIn for my resume.

Drs. Bregje Kuis

Psychologist & Life Coach

I have trained and still work as a psychologist, coach and in leadership positions. In my own career and personal life, I have been at a crossroads several times. Which tought me that, with the right vision in mind and by staying true to yourself, you can use difficulty to your benefit.

You always have a choice to shape your life the way you want!

I have a masters degree in Clinical Neuropsychology. During my studies and in my career as a selection psychologist and manager at the Dutch Defense Department I learned a lot about performing under pressure and how to maintain wellbeing during periodes of stress and tension.

Coaching Options

I offer personalised coaching to individuals, both face to face and online, either by having conversations or through writing only.

Individual coaching

Coaching through conversation

I use different coaching techniques, adapting to you and your situation.

Often, I schedule a return session after a few months. Change takes time, and it helps to have a session planned ahead to stay motivated.


Sessions on location. I use different coaching spaces, so we can meet in an area suitable to your needs. Meeting outside in nature or park is also an option.


We meet online through Zoom or MS-teams, whichever is most comfortable for you.


Or we mix options, face-to-face and online.

What will we do?

The first meeting

Coaching starts with an intake, by phone, online or face-to-face. This session is free of charge and the goal is to get to know each other. When we click, we determine which steps to take.

Shaping the process

Between meetings, there is usually two to three weeks. Often I will provide you with homework. So you will not be active just during sessions, but also in between. I believe that learning happens by actively trying in your own context, and with the people and relations around you. In between sessions we can be in touch through a-mail, phone or WhatsApp.

Ending the process

We will evaluate regularly to check if we are heading in the right direction. Usually, we take five to six meetings, so around three months. Sometimes a shorter period is enough, sometimes longer is needed. After the final session and evaluation, I like to plan a return session to discuss how things are going and if you are still on the right track.

Change is the most difficult, but most natural thing we do as humans. But most of all, it’s the most valuable experience in your life.

Bregje is a kind and wonderful coach. Her gentle mannerisms, combined with probing questions, have been helpful to me in moving towards some clarity in what I want and need in my personal and professional life. Not only does she motivate and encourage me along in the process, but through her guidance, she has given me new and useful tools to take responsibility in motivating and encouraging myself.


Bregje is a coach with whom I quickly felt comfortable. I felt welcomed and heard by her calm presence and non-judgemental attitude. This was very helpful considering the turmoil in my life at that time.

She kept the big picture in mind for me and asked spot on questions about situations and feelings. This gave me a sense of security during the process and helped to get me moving, so I could be back on my own feet again



I offer two different rates for Individual Coaching. It is important to me that everyone, including those with fewer resources, can use my services. For young people, students and those on social welfare, I offer reduces rates.

If you have any questions about rates or reduced rates, please contact me at or (+31) 06 4218 5131

Move towards a future with fresh energy!

Short session

45-60 minutes

€ 75 ex. taxes

Long session

75-90 minutes

€ 120 ex. taxes

Travel expenses

€ 0,50 per driven kilometer (ex. taxes)

Get in touch, without obligation

Send me an e-mail or let me call you back. Or message me through WhatsApp.
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